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You can always spread the word about the work we are doing. Tell your friends and family about this initative. Please consider donating through the following link on GoFundMe.

Live updates

Friday 21 September 18:28 How does it look right now here in Hobart. Have a look!


Friday 21 September 18:10 The auction has just started. If you are interested in the artworks we are showing, please have a look at this flyer. If you are interested in bidding, you have any questions, or you would like to support the initative, please contact us on 

Friday 21 September 14:10 What is happening now in Hobart! Here is a short video about our initiative and the fundraising event in Hobart. Remember, today within 4 hours from now, the auction will start. Contact us on if you are interested to know more.

Thursday 20 September 15:15  Hats off to Hobart artists who are taking part in such wonderful exhibition Small moments of beauty + truth supporting children in Palestine through art and culture. The exhibition is commencing today Thursday at 6PM (Hobart Time). The exhibition gathers artwork/paintings produced by Palestinian children of Gaza. The artwork will be auctioned tomorrow Friday at 6PM. Proceeds from the exhibition and auction will be donated to support Gaza Children's Cinema. Stay tuned for further update on the exhibition and auction. If you wish to support us through biding or purchasing any of the artwork, please write us on or leave your comments below. Thank you @City of Hobart and Tasmanian Friends of Palestine


Update: "Small moments of beauty + truth" exhibition opening has been rescheduled to open on Thursday 20th Sep 2018 | Waterfront Pavilion, Mawsons Place, Hobart

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Media coverage

  • On the side of our event "small moments of beauty + truth", we are orgainizng a film screening "The Stones Cry Out" on 23 September. For more information, please click here and for the Facebook event page, please click here.
  • We are also organising a workshop with children in Hobart on Saturday 22nd September. In the workshop, the children will be encouraged to paint their voices and the sounds around them. Yes, their voices and sounds. The children will be going through the same experience children in Gaza were in a series of workshops organized by Tamer Institute for Community Education. Here is the facebook page of the event.
  • ABC radio interviewed our team leader, Ayman Qwaider and the organizers of the Exhibition. Here is a small recording (7 minutes). The interview is in the last 7 minutes of the recording in this link.

Gaza Children Cinema

Gaza Children Cinema is a self-funded independent community initiative with no faith or political affiliation. It was iniated by two professionals in Gaza- Palestine in 2013 to provide children in Gaza with spaces for self-expression, entertainment and active participation.


Help us in reaching more children in Gaza through donating to this initiative. In 2016, we crowdfunded this initative by raising 6,000 US dollars. Using this fund we established a partnership with 7 community based organizations through a key non-governmental organization in Gaza (Tamer Institute For Community Education)

Other ways of support

We do appreciate collaboration and feedback and we are open to build on professional experiences in this field. Please don't hesitate to write us for ideas and suggestions to improve the service and extend these spaces. We do appreciate any form of solidarity and support.