Gig for Gaza

Gig for Gaza

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We are thrilled to annouce some good news: Perth artists come together to raise money and support for needy children in war-torn Palestine!

Doublethink Prism
Teen Angst
Molly Black
DJ Shrödingers Funk

Mojos Bar, Wednesday July 25th
Doors at 8pm
$5 minimum entry + donations

Local legends unite, Gig for Gaza will be donating all door takings towards the Gaza Children’s Cinema initiative. Let’s come together captain planet style for a night of great tunes for a great cause.

Gaza Children's Cinema is a community-based initiative found in 2013 by local Palestinians. With no other cinema standing in the besieged Gaza strip, a group of volunteers decided to set up a space for children to have safe, inclusive respite from the conflict of their region. Since then, hundreds of children from marginalised communities across the Gaza strip have attended inclusive screenings and interactive discussions, providing them with an open platform for peace, dialogue and entertainment.
Nearly half of Gaza's 2 million people are below the age of 14 and Gazan children aged 10 have now lived through 3 Israeli assaults, from which there is no option to leave. Chronic issues such as a lack of clean water, electricity and other basic requirements of living have reached a crisis, leading to futures that are at once both monotonously unchanging and fraught with uncertainty. 3,436 children were killed in the last assault (2014), and the UN estimates there are now 300,000 children in the strip requiring psycho-social support. 

In 2017 Gaza Children's cinema project managed to deliver 160 screenings to these children. In this 70th year of the anniversary of the Palestinian catastrophe, amid fresh violence against protesters, the organisation is seeking community support to continue its important work.

Video about project:

Performing on the night:
Doctopus - the triforce of homegrown heroes, the one and only wobbegong buddies, the ‘pus, live in the Mojos!

Doublethink Prism - Spoken word + bouncy beats courtesy of dynamic duo Splodge + Alyian

Teen Angst - New lo-fi, hi-vibes rawk, fresh Perth vibes

Molly Black - Folk tower of solo power

Aya - Journey music, didge and slide guitar experimental glory

DJ Shrodingers Funk - Interstitial tunes that somehow simultaneously bang and groove until they they are witnessed by an observer

More info about Gaza’ Chlidren’s Cinema:

More info, pictures and fundraising page: 

Follow on Facebook:

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Gaza Children Cinema

Gaza Children Cinema is a self-funded independent community initiative with no faith or political affiliation. It was iniated by two professionals in Gaza- Palestine in 2013 to provide children in Gaza with spaces for self-expression, entertainment and active participation.


Help us in reaching more children in Gaza through donating to this initiative. In 2016, we crowdfunded this initative by raising 6,000 US dollars. Using this fund we established a partnership with 7 community based organizations through a key non-governmental organization in Gaza (Tamer Institute For Community Education)

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